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December 17 2014

--MacLemon on Twitter
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0523 a471 500

Kurt, OE1KBC on digital ham radio systems      
MetaFunk meetup 12/2014  |  pic courtesy: Rainer, OE1KFR
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December 16 2014

Rest In Pixels. #1UP #Metalab #Vienna #Wien #Austria --Aaron Muszalski
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December 15 2014

--juli_wie_august on Twitter
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December 10 2014

10 Years UXWien

New record released under the Metalab Lazzzor label. http://photos.app.net/45214139/1 --MacLemon on Twitter
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December 09 2014

Invitation: Celebrate 10 years of UxWien on Tuesday, December 9th 2014

I would like to invite you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UxWien
(formerly known as Interaction Design Stammtisch Wien).

Tuesday, December 9th 2014 from 7pm to ~11pm

Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna

WHAT happens at a UxWien ?

December 08 2014

The Amalettomat.
A robot that makes Palatschinken (pancakes). --zettt

Zwax' machine at Roboexotica 2014
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Audio-Mitschnitt MP3
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December 07 2014

I've written an audio record generator for laser cutters. That means you can create records with the laser cutter! I've also created examples and linux packages

[Metalab] How to laser audio records
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December 06 2014

--purpleidea on Twitter
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--mynnia on Twitter
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December 05 2014

HEUTE: der @fin über Informationsfreiheit in der Österrei

December 04 2014

--sfslim on Twitter
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Nochmal zur Erinnerung: Juhu, ROBOEXOTICA, sehr bald, in Wien! :) // cc @roboexotica  --juli_wie_august on Twitter

Dec 4-7, 2014 | http://roboexotica.org | Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Wien
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@leyrer uh yeah - sure enough
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@kallaballa cuttet die hübschesten Schallplatten
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December 03 2014

9817 ffd2 500

Phreaking (sort of)
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December 02 2014

--vautee on Twitter
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