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September 02 2014

"Tuesday 2014-09-09, from 19:00: Apple Event Keynote watching @metalabvie. Bring Doughnuts!" --cocoaheads_at on Twitter

The embedded enterprise Metalab container is typically used for testing enterprise beans without having to deploy them to a server.
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Nochmal Lindabrunn

September 01 2014

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August 30 2014

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if orf infront övp
    soviet ben pony
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August 29 2014

August 27 2014

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ich war das erste Mal bei euch: Brille am Sonntag gebrochen, nix hat offen - außer ... das METALAB. Vielen Dank für die nette Einführung - für die Idee wie ich es repariere - und für die Instructions von Bernhard zur Werkbank. 
 Anbei ein Foto 

Leider habe ich einen Schrauben in den unendlichen Weiten meines Zimmers versenkt, und musste den reparierten Bügel mit Draht anbinden.

Lg Max
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August 26 2014

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Stay tuned. Underwater LED hacking!
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August 25 2014

August 24 2014

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Doing the pointing thing while pointing at Camp++ and standing in the rain
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--Bitnapper on Twitter

August 23 2014

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@leyrer wasn't something like this written on the tablet of stone we gave the founding fathers-to-be from HoaP after they climbed up the Metalab mountain when visiting spaces after CCCamp 2007 ;-p
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--mangei on Twitter
Greetings from camp++ hsbp.
 - pl
 - doebi
 - ueberhaxlor
and many more :)
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August 22 2014

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max headroom
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--maxnagele on Twitter
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