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August 26 2014

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Stay tuned. Underwater LED hacking!
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August 25 2014

August 24 2014

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Doing the pointing thing while pointing at Camp++ and standing in the rain
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August 23 2014

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@leyrer wasn't something like this written on the tablet of stone we gave the founding fathers-to-be from HoaP after they climbed up the Metalab mountain when visiting spaces after CCCamp 2007 ;-p
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Greetings from camp++ hsbp.
 - pl
 - doebi
 - ueberhaxlor
and many more :)
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August 22 2014

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max headroom
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Aliens!!! @MetalabVie  --@doebi3d on Twitter
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August 18 2014


Fri. 29. (16:oo) - Sun. 31. August 2014  // Mon, 1.Sept (?)
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August 16 2014

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Not Blinken But Blinken Lights™
> More than ten years ago I got my hands on some old Saia PCD2 SPS. Today I manged to connect the PCD2.A220 modules to an Arduino. Now I have 48 switched channels :-)
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