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September 30 2015

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Building a rocket engine with gammaSQ
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September 25 2015

A friend of ripper got "Prusa i3" and they are assembling it at metalab.

September 24 2015

September 23 2015

Food Hacking Base at Metalab Today 20:00
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September 22 2015

Food Hacking at metalab
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September 18 2015

Our first working "reverse spherification" bubbles at metalab kitchen - by pl & tom.
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One of the younger people at metalab is building his own longboards. Engraving is done at happylab, lots of the woodwork itself at metalab. :)
Journey Vienna 2015 Today (2015-09-18)
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metafunk shack alpha version HI
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"Darf a bissal stolz verkünden, dass für die empfangenen und eingereichten SSTV Bilder, die ich im Rahmen der Stadtflucht empfangen habe, gerade eben der Award in die Mailbox flatterte. 

73s Rainer, OE1KFR"
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software for the memorial page is progressing. want to give design feedback or work on programming todos?

September 17 2015

Breakfast and Crowd!

@c3o and I bought breakfast for the crowd helping set up @metalab - if you start counting at 0, this is the morning of day 1. A tiny @mihi in the background, probably already working.
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Tiny hacks...
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September 15 2015

Metalab rooftop in May 2006 - pic courtesy by funkfeuer.at

Michael 'mihi' Bauer @mihi_tr , OE1VBS
co-founder of FunkFeuer and Metalab
– you made a significant difference @mihi, R.I.P.
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September 11 2015

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Metalab Assembly is ready at #BalCCon2k15 in Novi Sad, Serbia with Hetti and cluosh
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September 06 2015

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One item on the agenda of the Sept. 2015 MetaFunk club evening was a hands-on splicing workshop by Clemens, OE1RFC. Parts of the new Metalab roof antenna installation are FunkFeuer and Hamnet nodes that got connected to the network in souterrain over a multi-mode fiber link.
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August 19 2015

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Acheloos just built a laptop out of recycled components over at @metalab.
GNU/Linux is already running ^( *-* ^)
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August 14 2015

August 11 2015

August 09 2015

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Journey To The End Of The Night, Vienna 2010 --bl33pster
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