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April 18 2015

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controlling the browser of a screeninvader running inside a vm with an usb gamepad using the html5 gamepad api via our new shiny javascript/websocket api.

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April 17 2015

Dieses Freihandelsabkommen ist in deinem Land leider nicht verfügbar.
Das tut uns leid.
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April 16 2015

coders’ priorities.
"Here we have our fully automated lounge (lights, computers, amplifier input, shared media playlist), our rainbow light themed toilet (heated seat-bed, RGB LED array with motion sensor, OB button, clear'ur'a***s-feature), our blinkenwall - but there is still no fast internet connection? - Oh? No."
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April 15 2015

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#ohne-rauch-hack-ich-auch :-/ ? – Don't despair! Necessary thorough clean-up will take some time, hold your breath*. You can roam into a fresh lounge very soon.

*) btw, we're hiring! Become lateral entry employee and impress your social environment with your new cool "liquidator" business cards #morituri-te-salutant
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April 14 2015

Morgens um 21.30h in der Metalab Lounge

#ohne-rauch-hack-ich-auch :-/
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USB power supply at @MetalabVie killed the fuses. It has “Designed by China in California” written on it. --anlumo1 on Twitter

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April 13 2015

» DAS METALAB  IST  *rauch* FREI ! «
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April 11 2015

--simonrepp on Twitter

--MacLemon on Twitter

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--juli_wie_august on Twitter

--Astarioth on Twitter

--vautee on Twitter

April 10 2015

--Negiert on Twitter
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--feuerfisch on Twitter
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--LeoUnglaub on Twitter
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the @MetalabVie in a nutshell --Mahriah on Twitter
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