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April 13 2014

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1st Ethereum Meetup Vienna
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April 09 2014

--scheugl on Twitter

April 08 2014

kwlug on Twitter | kwartzlabkintel
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April 05 2014

There’s a lot of wiring involved at a hackspace entry door like @metalab’s which is now excellently tamed. --maclemon
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April 04 2014

The @metalab wardrobe now has more space and a special shelf for storing helmets for our cycling and motorbiking folks. --maclemon
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A video of my neural network space simulation. The networks are trained using a genetic algorithm.

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April 03 2014

The people behind the "NSA Monitored Device" are "entzückt".
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April 02 2014

News from the outpost in the southern extremity of India: 

Benko and Daniela are going to attach some bike gear to their barrel raft  - http://poab.org
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The @metalab CNC mill cage now has a shiny top cover plate to properly store things. Awesome work!  --maclemon
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April 01 2014

At Metalab with Adrian Bowyer --wizard23 on Flickr
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March 31 2014

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March 28 2014

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Project: Blinkenschild - YouTube
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March 27 2014

Did a new Hail #Sagan heat transfer print on my jacket in #hackerspace @MetalabVie --@exiledsurfer
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latelyontime | sva on Twitter

March 24 2014

New parking lot for the audio/mixer rack at @metalab #Frühjahrsputz Image [photos.app.net] --maclemon

March 23 2014

Meanwhile at @metalab Frühjahrsputz: cleaning up the electronic parts sortiment.
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