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October 20 2014

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October 19 2014

--exiledsurfer on Twitter
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October 10 2014

#CHW062 @Cocoanetics mit einem Update zu Barcodes. Image [photos.app.net] --cocoaheads_at

#CHW062 Reactive Cocoa (Part I) mit @manuelmaly Image [photos.app.net] --cocoaheads_at

October 04 2014

-- fin on Twitter

The Sunflower Movement - 
Online Communities, Governments And Transparency
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October 02 2014

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Printing the Stanford Bunny on our Mendel90 Dibond
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Two Klein Bottles printed on our Mendel 90 Dibond at 0.2 mm layer. Printing time roughly 4 1/2 hours for the orange one
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"Stanford Bunny" Voronoi style in progress. (No support material, ca. 3 hours at 0.2 mm layer)
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Our 3D-printing setup: Mendel90 Dibond, Linux-on-a-Stick Printrun, touchscreen + keyboard and several sorts of filament.
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(Symbolfoto) HI                       pics by OE3VBU and magnuss

2014-09-28: Vienna SOTA day - Fall 2014

Summits On The Air with Gudrun, OE1OMA
co-starring: her umbrella ground plane antenna

Gudrun, OE1OMA showed her Edelweiss umbrella antenna at MetaFunk's October club evening.
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On the monthly formal MetaFunk club evening Stefan, OE3SHA and ??? gave a short presentation about their first steps with the HackRF SDR transceiver including an on-the-fly test to capture and replay the commands for Metalab's 433 MHz remote controlled mains sockets.
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Interessanter Vortrag über den Antennenselbstbau von Willi, OE1WKL beim Oktober MetaFunk Clubabend. Details zur Präsentation samt Slides unter oe1wkl.kraml.cc/.../metafunk-vortrag-antennen.html
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September 26 2014

Again i'm trying to approximate pixel art from a picture using feature detection to refine results. but this time i'm also doing color reduction to 8 colors. and i think it looks great
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Kann mal jemand die Couch-Bezüge in eine Wäscherei mitnehmen?
Src: http://neutrum.soup.io/post/465832016/
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Currently i'm trying to generate pixel art from images by approximating the original images with rectangles using simulated annealing (similar to alteredqualia.com/visualization/evolve/). But i'm using a more complex fitness function that involves optimization for visual features using feature detection techniques.
The upper row of the video shows the current approximation and the original image and the lower row shows a visualization of "good" features found in both pictures.
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September 21 2014

September 20 2014

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