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November 28 2015

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November 27 2015

  Congrats to m68k, phaer and pk!  

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November 26 2015

November 24 2015

Laser Cutter Workshop at Metalab
Son 29 Nov 2015, 16:00 - 19:00 amir & hetti

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November 22 2015

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(Fast) 10 Jahre technisch-kreative Projekte im Zentrum von Wien

OCG JOURNAL • Ausgabe 03 • 2015
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Our HDMI switches provide only a classic infrared remote control, to interface easier with Slackomatic we replaced the infrared receiver with a few wav files and a small custom-built level shifter.
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record and playback IR remote signaling w/ sound card => less wireless means to switch HDMI channels with Slackomatic

"Mit Farbmorsecode zwang das Metalab die chinesische Zensur in die Knie"  --derstandard.at
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