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December 08 2019

December 06 2019

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December 05 2019

December 02 2019

MetaFunk Club-Abend 12/2019
Mi 4.12.2019, 19:30

Gäste sind - wie immer - herzlich willkommen!
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December 01 2019

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November 29 2019

Fr 29.11.2019, 20:00 - Metaday #93

Philipp Hold: Digitalisierung der Produktion
braucht mehr als Technologie-Wissen


Wie üblich offen für alle, nach dem Hauptvortrag
folgen Lightning Talks und Chillout/Afterparty!
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Roboexotica! – Festival for Cocktailrobotics since 1999

Roboexotica 2019 will take place
Thu, Nov 28, 2019 to Sun, Dec 1, 2019
at Praterzelt, near Liliputbahn in Vienna's Prater
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November 22 2019

Example code: github.com/kallaballa/MidiPatch/blob/master/examples/tutorial/3_OscAdder/4_OscAdderPitchFuzzFilterCompressor.lua

This example adds a number of oscillators and filters with each oscillator having a slightly different pitch that is slightly randomized. Addionally it adds a compressor to dampen the effects of resonance. It demonstrate a synthesizer that would be hard to create with traditional paradigms.

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November 16 2019

MidiPatch is a polyphone and programmable real-time MIDI synthesizer. The rack you see in the video is generated automatically from the code and all the values can be changed live. Also the layout isn't static and can be changed with drag 'n' drop. It also features a library that let's you save your code, parameters and layouts. It currently runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

Check it out: github.com/kallaballa/MidiPatch/

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November 08 2019

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40. Netzpolitischer Abend AT
Do 7.11.2019, 19:30 im Metalab

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40. Netzpolitischer Abend AT
Do 7.11.2019, 19:30 im Metalab

--ClaudiaGarad on Twitter

40. Netzpolitischer Abend AT
Do 7.11.2019, 19:30 im Metalab

November 05 2019

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40. Netzpolitischer Abend AT
Do 7.11.2019, 19:30 im Metalab

austro control on weather radar
FunkFeuer MoMo talk at the Metalab, 2019-11-04

Some WiFi outdoor channels must be used with active DFS detection. Based on your location you may skip the relevant channel at all to avoid the switch over to another channel and to not blind a weather radar nearby. In AT austro control runs four of them. Check out the OPERA database for a map that lists the European WXR with their specs including frequency.
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