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July 25 2014

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Knarfed WhateverLab portal
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July 24 2014

Our issue tracker is an awesome piece of software as a service.
Just login at http://metalab.at/issues with your http://metalab.at/wiki credentials. If you don't have a wiki-account yet => mail us!
Metalab Impression
This was actually taken in lindabrunn
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--anlumo1 on Twitter

July 23 2014

"Eat #pancakes made by the #DIY #robot of #Maker Zwax from @MetalabVie #Vienna @ #CafeNeuRomance in #Prague http://cafe-neu-romance.com/program/cnr-2014-fun-zone/cnr-2014-fun-zone-zwax-%28aut%29-amalettomat-robot"       --vivelesrobots on Twitter
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July 22 2014

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One month to go until Camp++ with the friends
of Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge
at the stunning location of Fort Monostor
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July 21 2014

-- https://twitter.com/kyrah/status/490959658677710848

Metaday_62 lecturer kyrah at an IPI - seminar "War and Peace in a Digital Age"
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July 19 2014

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July 18 2014

Our hacker in residence participant doebi added a usb-power-modded led-tent-light to our server rack.
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July 17 2014

MagicShifter @ VSL in Lindabrunn :)

Awesome MagicShifter photo shoot @ www.vsl.or.at where the Metalab crowd established a temporary HQ while enjoying stadtflucht.soup.io/ in Lindabrunn
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July 16 2014

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▶ Ivan Pasta 2fps - YouTube
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pictures! pic.twitter.com/iEbTI0sWOP --michaelem on Twitter

July 14 2014

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I always wanted to know how film looks during processing. So I took a modified Olympus E-P1 to film the process. An IR LED lamp was used a light source. Film is a Fomapan 100 4x5" sheet film. --tonsilol
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Pyromantics Part I - Close-up - Stadtflucht 2014 (Picture: @shallow)
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--juli_wie_august on Twitter
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This place is truly magical. <3 #stadtflucht pic.twitter.com/dj1lSbJ94z   --kyrah  on Twitter
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July 12 2014

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Pyromantics Part I
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Lindabrunn Stadtflucht 7
the making of original mafiosi nudeln von Kalabrien
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