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September 28 2016

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Fri  2016-09-30, 19:30 (sharp)

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September 27 2016

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Fri  2016-09-30, 19:30 (sharp)

Open source tool Red Pitaya & Hamlab

Introduction and Demo by CEO Rok Mesar
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--l1nuxn3xt on Twitter
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September 26 2016

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September 25 2016

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Disassembled broken lock @metalab - found broken spring.
Unfortunately, the spring has a function :(
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Break on through to the other side
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September 24 2016

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Metalab - Delivering custom solutions for standardized problems since 2006
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September 23 2016

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"Wir schrauben nur mal schnell die Beine der Tische im Hauptraum um!"
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