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December 11 2016

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December 10 2016

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IceStorm/IcoBoard 33C3 Demo - Iconoid
1 IcoBoard, 2 Scales, 9216 RGB LEDs | @clifford

December 09 2016

I'm going to celebrate my birthday at the Metalab! We are going to play the newest classic point 'n' click adventure of Wadjeteye Games (all their games are great!). Additionally I will prepare snacks and food.
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When it is mating season for telephones all the lonely phones try to find a matching partner by randomly calling other phone numbers. Our own phone booth was a bit more lucky since someone brought a field telephone to Metalab. So in a quiet evening they mated (you didn't really wanna see or hear that) and the mother phone booth layed an egg which was then fertilized by its mating partner. After a short time of breeding a small booth hatched! As you can see in the picture, it still has a white and sensitive skin which will slowly develop the typical colors for this breed of phone booths.
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Misobot für die Unterlage

Roboexotica, December 8-11, 2016 at mo.ë Vienna.
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December 8-11, 2016 at mo.ë Vienna.
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December 08 2016

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December 07 2016

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roboexotica will take place December 8-11, 2016 at mo.ë Vienna.

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December 06 2016

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Erich Neuwirth: Mathematik und Statistik - 
Bildung und Politik wie geht das zusammen?

Fr, 16. Dezember 2016, 20:00

December 05 2016

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December 04 2016

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December 03 2016

Das gerahmte Tschunkrezept in Gold, ein Abschiedsgeschenk ans Lab von
Tina. via kewagi (2006)
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December 02 2016

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