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October 30 2014

Kein Kuchen im Lab!
Nur Brot und Spiele - und Fortschritt
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October 29 2014

Codebender talk at Metalab. A web based IDE to Build Arduino software that uses clang. https://Codebender.cc/ --maclemon on app.net

October 28 2014

Today 20:00 with @tzikis #codebender

October 27 2014

finally we have uploaded videos and fotos of the light.finds.a.way project. have fun

October 26 2014

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Workshop: Arduino programming with code bender

On Tue, 2014-10-28, 20:00 Vasilis and Fotis from Greece P-Space will show "how to program Arduino easier and faster online."

October 25 2014

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Metalab Karaokeparty <3
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Metalab Karaokeparty <3
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--lenadoppel on Twitter

--leyrer on Twitter

Thank you for the music and all the helping hands that made Metalab #KaraokeParty possible. --maclemon

October 24 2014

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plopesresearch  |  MetalabVie on Twitter
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October 23 2014

Lounging ...

CC-BY @Housetier84

October 22 2014

--Mahriah on Twitter
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