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August 19 2015

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Acheloos just built a laptop out of recycled components over at @metalab.
GNU/Linux is already running ^( *-* ^)
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August 14 2015

August 11 2015

August 09 2015

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Journey To The End Of The Night, Vienna 2010 --bl33pster
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August 08 2015

Our electronics room got a new fancy white board + a highly engineered iButton interface with e-ink display.

July 29 2015

Metalab Deepdream
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July 25 2015

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  Metafloyd pixel graffiti @metalab  
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July 23 2015

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Lazzzored the pixel stencils for the @metalab main room.
That's what it will look like: http://kallaballa.soup.io/post/596918792/metalab-pixelart-by-me
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July 21 2015

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@metalab pixelart :)

by me

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July 19 2015

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SSTV images from ISS received by Rainer, OE1KFR
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SSTV images from ISS received by Rainer, OE1KFR
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July 18 2015

pl got stung by a bee, @redplanet decided to create an openstreetmap showing data of beehives. On the screenshot you can see a beehive close to stadtflucht.
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Metalab is open again, seems not everyone is at Stadtflucht.
— Stadtflucht participant
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das lab hat nicht offen =(
— (02:13:18 PM) ...
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Lindabrunn, @stadtflucht - 2015
Fertiger dome ist fertig.
Er ist superschön geworden weil so viele Leute zusammengeholfen haben. 
Es war eine gute Erfahrung.
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Lindabrunn, @stadtflucht - 2015
Under the dome.
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Lindabrunn, @stadtflucht - 2015
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Lindabrunn, @stadtflucht - 2015
Kieselsteine nach dem sprühen der Lattenrostbretter
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July 16 2015

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Finally metalab got fancy flora Power Mate
What to do now @devlol ?

July 15 2015

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Und da will ich schnell so beim löten helfen als..
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