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October 23 2016

--juli_wie_august on Twitter
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October 22 2016

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Bruce Sterling! OMG the same guy that just walked away after I mentioned the "Difference Engine". Guess he also does not like to be reminded of the follies of youth ;) I'm still a big fan :)
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--michaelem on Twitter

October 20 2016

October 19 2016

"Die Maker Faire Vienna 2017 findet am 20. und 21. Mai 2017 von 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr in der METAStadt statt.

ADRESSE  Dr. Otto-Neurath-Gasse 3 A-1220 Wien"

October 18 2016

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Slightly hacked RC-Controller for a electric longboard made at Metalab
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October 16 2016

--shroombab on Twitter

outfoxing @shroombab - affected autumn walk through Schönbrunn  #3d_simulation
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October 14 2016

futurezone.at | 13.10.16

privacyweek.at  – 24. bis 30.10.2016

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