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May 31 2016

Talk about Writing good code by Chris - Slides

OpenLocks.at: Lockpicking-Vortrag

So 5.6.2016, 18:00

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Einmal mit Profis
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May 30 2016

--In2Make on Twitter

Ein "uLFZ der Klasse 1" braucht eine Bewilligung der AustroControl
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hackers - store in a cool, dry and dark place
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May 29 2016

--cupe_cupe on Twitter

Metalab visits being planned by July nucl.ai conference participants
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Dinner is served.
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Flammwidrig nach DIN VDE 0604, 
geprüft nach UL 94, schwer entflammbar.  ✅
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May 28 2016

Hackspace Improvement

Tool Time at Metalab: A goodie bag from eustore.ifixit.com well received - @iFixit: thanks folks!
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May 25 2016

--wearewebclerks on Twitter

Mi 25.5.2016, 18:00 - 23:00

May 24 2016

May 22 2016

May 21 2016

--Sonstwer on Twitter
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Das war der 6. Netzpolitische Abend AT
veranstaltet am 5.5.2016 im Metalab Wien
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