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September 16 2014

After Party for netpolitics congress #DNP14
with DJ romano gemini, Visuals, Tschunk & Co

Sat. Sept 20,  starting 21:00   at the Metalab
open for all, free entry    (pic by maclemon)
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September 13 2014

--mihi_tr on Twitter
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Rathausstrasse 6 first aider volunteered Frankgasse 8 medics to get rid of their leftovers. – Thank you Billrothhaus, it was delicious.
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September 10 2014

Mi, 2014-09-10 22:42 - Open End
Auftakt im Käuzchen 20:30 mampf! :)

September 09 2014

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--scheugl on Twitter
--YangWao on Twitter
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September 08 2014

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Burgers at metalab!
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September 07 2014

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Mehr Burger :)
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Die geilsten vegatarischen/veganen Burger gestern im Metalab :)
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--juli_wie_august on Twitter
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Behind this gate my journey ends.
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September 06 2014

Die letzten Nachrichten der Expedition in den Katakomben unter dem Metalab.  http://photos.app.net/38115887/1 --MacLemon
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Playing with our new old IBM Personal System @ Metalab
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September 04 2014

I'm using a genetic algorithm to approximate a series of convolutions which try to mimic a given effect. In this example it tries to learn a sobel edge detection convolution generated with ImageMagick (convert -define convolve:scale='!' -morphology Convolve Sobel).
The upper images in the video show the current approximation and the magnitude spectrogram of its discrete fourier transform (DFT). The lower images show the target image and its DFT. Only results of the best candidate of each generation is shown in the video.


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September 02 2014

"Tuesday 2014-09-09, from 19:00: Apple Event Keynote watching @metalabvie. Bring Doughnuts!" --cocoaheads_at on Twitter
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The embedded enterprise Metalab container is typically used for testing enterprise beans without having to deploy them to a server.
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Nochmal Lindabrunn
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September 01 2014

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