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January 13 2018

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Could be us

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Every time I hear mention of a youtube celebrity it’s a new one of these stock image looking people who seemingly appeared out of the void two weeks ago, fully formed with five million followers and the capacity to commit horrible crimes against another youtube celebrity which they will tearfully apologize for in a fifteen minute video

Mylar truly wishes he could take back what he has done and only hopes that you, the fans, can forgive him.

Here’s the thing: I made this post with nobody in particular in mind and people keep reblogging me and saying that it’s in direct reference to [_____] or asking me if it’s about such and such and it’s someone new each time which probably means that there’s, like, a problem.

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This site needs to be stopped



a waitress could slit my throat and I’d still tip 15% i dont know how her day’s been yknow?

i hear your responses and i just wanna say obviously i usually tip at least 20 like im not an animal! but to be completely fair she did kill me 







i understand the historical reasons why English is the most common language

but if I was writing a speculative fiction novel

and I said “the language that most people learn as a second language, usually for professional reasons, is also the only one with a spelling system so terrible that spelling words correctly is a broadcasted competition

you’d be like “extremely unrealistic 0/10”

i never thought of this, do other languages not have spelling bees?

#no we don’t


I’m calling bullshit on English spelling being sooo bad when French exists

let’s not forget Welsh





i seriously love C so much. i can’t see myself doing any hobbyist programming with any other language unless i absolutely have to.



yeah you can enjoy all three libraries for it too

C# is the fuckin bomb


ravioli ravioli give me a reason to live

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you wont be sayin that next time youre in the pokemon center and he refuses to help ur bitch ass



once i have enough money to buy an offshore oil rig it’ll be over for you hoes


i have been on this hellsite long enough to see the rise, fall, and complete irrelevance of jennifer lawrence


wolverine fisting you when suddenly




American sex ed is taught like Dolores Umbridge’s Defense of the Dark Arts class.

“Why would you need to know about sex? If you aren’t having it, there will be no need for protection”

okay but this is the most accurate thing i’ve ever seen? amazing.


Timmy Turner’s dad was breaking gender roles before all y'all

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every time i see this fucking picture i am overwhelmed by the urge to make a bizarre, gutteral sound to accompany it.



You will hear their call…










I’m really glad that KC Green’s work is being more widely recognized after the whole “This is not fine” comic came out.

He’s been in the comic making game for a really long time and he has…a bit of a knack for creating things that are used as reaction images and never credited back to him.

He’s a really cool guy and a great artist and I HIGHLY recommend following his work.

i feel like its important to add that hes also responsible for dickbutt. thats an important part of his resume

Some lesser known KC Green Career Highlights:

honestly I swear he’s like. the best at unintentionally making reaction images

He also did the “I guess!” comic, didn’t he?

We’ve all been fans of KC Green this whole time and never even knew

there’s also THIS classic, which is usually reduced to this: 

for a reaction image 

a majority of these comics come from KC’s Gunshow! It’s over now but it ran for a loooong time and has an amazing archive of his comics. I HIGHLY recommend reading through it all, it’s a goldmine

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