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March 07 2017

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Blick vom @metalab auf den Rathausturm

pew! pew! @vautee
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March 06 2017

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Blick vom Rathausturm auf das @metalab
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Wiggly phone booth!
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anlumo is currently designing a PCB for the Blinkenwall controller, which will be placed in a rack mount case from a Sun Cobalt RaQ 550. Of course the display, buttons and the LEDs need to remain usable, so we need a adaptor PCB for using the front panel with the ODROID C1 which will be placed inside the case.
Design is done in Altium Circuit Make
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March 05 2017

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work in progress

overflo filled up the CNC machined bar board with resin mixed with glow in the dark powder 
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March 04 2017

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Anna: "Some people were asking me what I 'll do with the bricks I was cutting for weeks in Metalab. Here is what happened:"

--MetaRipper on Twitter
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const int Metalab=11;
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March 03 2017

--RedplanetAT on Twitter

c-movie fan fiction
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March 02 2017

--krabina on Twitter

--ClaudiaGarad on Twitter

--MetaRipper on Twitter
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--ClaudiaGarad on Twitter

--mudhenn on Twitter
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--werquer | krabina on Twitter
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