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November 28 2017

--Duncrow on Twitter
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Someone sponsored the lab with two new solid soldering stations. - Muchos gracias, there was a real need.

November 27 2017

I created business cards by randomly spraying paint on empty cards and then stamping them with a stamp i laser-cutted. @metalab
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Mechanical Keyboard Meetup Vienna 2017-11-26 at the Metalab
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November 26 2017

--friesinger on Twitter

Trophy of the 19th Annual Cocktail Robot Awards / Roboexotica
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November 24 2017

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--the_gap on Twitter
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3 Billion Devices…  +1 Metalab main room light switch
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November 20 2017

November 18 2017

November 17 2017

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Borken umbrella fixed - thx, ente!
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November 16 2017

--KometenKatze on Twitter

November 15 2017

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--QSP Amateurfunkjournal 11/2017 des ÖVSV

MetaMorserino by OE1WKL and OE3HBS
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November 14 2017

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Demolition Rathausstraße 1
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Demolition Rathausstraße 1
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Demolition Rathausstraße 1

Buzz Wire 💣– by HMW
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November 13 2017

--romedius on Twitter
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