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January 02 2018

The talk can be found here (around minute 35 I think): https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9257-lightning_talks_day_3
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December 31 2017

Das Datenklo beim @c3troc hat Glasfaser-Internetz. #34C3
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December 30 2017

--ganda1f on Twitter
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December 29 2017

Zem spotted at WAUland.de (17c3/2000)
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December 28 2017

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Aus ccl wird ccc

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December 27 2017

I was bored at the lab since everyone is at the 34C2. So i experimented with polyphone tune generation.
mario forever :) @metalab
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Unter den Labnutzern gibts auch so ein Arschloch.
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December 26 2017

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December 25 2017

--MetaRipper on Twitter
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December 23 2017

Jason at the MetaStage @metalab
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