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January 22 2018

--freiefunkent_grote on Twitter

just drop by

January 20 2018

--0xDEADDA7A on Twitter
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January 19 2018

Mag.a Christina Beran:

Prokrastination, Motivation und was die Digitalisierung damit zu tun hat - spannende Einblicke ins Gehirn inklusive

Metaday #81 - Fr, 26.01.2018, 19:30 (Beginn 20:00)
Hauptvortrag & Diskussion, Kurzvorträge, Afterparty. Eintritt frei.
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January 16 2018

--treelanguage on Twitter
--c3wien on Twitter

January 15 2018

7473 a428

dishwasher woes

January 11 2018

--sonkiki on Twitter
--sonkikileonidobusch on Twitter

January 10 2018

Keep the lasagna flying!
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January 09 2018

--TTN_Vienna on Twitter
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