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March 10 2018


Was really great! Nice audience and great line-up.
If you couldn't make it there is a recording:

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Mar 23

Hackathon 0x0F

18:30–Mar 25, 2018 18:30 Überall im Metalab Add this event to a calendar application
Save the date and hack the world!
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EasterHegg 2006: 14. - 17.04.2006
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March 08 2018

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Today at the lab: Probably the first attempt for building a robot for this years roboexotica

March 07 2018

MetaMorserino löten
am MetaFunk-Clubabend 3/2018
Mi 7.3.2018, ab 19:00
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Don't miss the Metalab open stage party!

Only 3 times a year.  Now with even more artists.
Let them surprise you with their performance.
Be curious, you won't be disappointed.

Fri 09.03.2018, 21:00

Free entry. Party may contain traces of Tschunk.
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March 05 2018

--darkblinded on Twitter

--kurorori on Twitter

--nomaster on Twitter

--Dorfkueche on Twitter

--m4r1d3 on Twitter
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March 04 2018

Lathe maintenance:

Operational Mode: Back to normal

Thanks reox!

Hahaa, Schurke!

^C ^V (first trial)

Metalab Patent Office No 1337424242: PSA-Stacker


March 03 2018

March 01 2018

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