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March 01 2018

--ComplexTerry on Twitter

Workshop: Prusa i3 Mk2


I will hold a workshop at Sat. 03.03.2018 on how to operate the new Prusa i3 Mk2 we now have at the Metalab. The workshop will be held in English.

The main workshop will start at 8 pm. It will cover how to print outing from the .stl file format. Time: 1-2h

There will be a pre-workshop at 7 pm covering how to create or where to download the .stl files. Time: 1h

Bring snacks



February 28 2018

--Der_Gregor on Twitter

If you think it's not enough to prepare for your own self-defense but someone should encounter the whole heinously security theater with good arguments and ultimately challenge it legally then consider supporting epicenter.works  (f.k.a. AK Vorrat.at)

February 27 2018

--random_musings on Twitter

No joke, some ppl appreciate those last minute reminders for (recurring) events. Also true that some events would profit from (earlier) invites.
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--lydschi on Twitter
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February 26 2018

February 25 2018

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Visualisierung des künftigen U2/U5-Linienkreuzes in der Station Metalab
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February 24 2018

February 23 2018

February 22 2018

MetaFunk goes DokuFunk
Excursion, Wed, 2018-02-21

"Wiener Dokumentationsarchiv zur Erforschung der Geschichte des Funkwesens und der elektronischen Medien - Kuratorium QSL COLLECTION - Kurzform Dokumentationsarchiv Funk, abgekürzt: DokuFunk"
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February 19 2018

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And here it is, printed in shiny Aluminium.

February 16 2018


Das Ding des Jahres - Crêpes auf Knopfdruck | prosieben.at

February 15 2018

--mlisztprogram on Twitter

February 14 2018

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Mit Uranglaskugeln und UV-LEDs im @metalab herumspielen. :)
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