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May 16 2018

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The other day at the lab a MSFT Surface power supply was sucessfully fixed using Dremel, Gaffer, heat shrink tubing and spiral binding. The Magsafe-like connector is shorter now but properly tied again.

May 15 2018

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Freitag, 18. Mai @MetalabVie: Brot backen im Metalab,
19:00 - 23:00. Workshop – https://metalab.at/wiki/Brot
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Mind the gap
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May 2018

May 11 2018

May 09 2018

May 08 2018

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Metalab PVC Dome at Maker Faire Vienna 2018
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Metalab PVC Dome at Maker Faire Vienna 2018
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Funky metafunk shortwave antenna in da house

OE1XMW/1 at Maker Faire Vienna 2018
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May 06 2018

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