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July 11 2018

--mgollowitzer on Twitter
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--technoethical on Twitter

Libreboot and Replicant Workshop by Technoethical
Tue., 10.7.2018, 19:00 at the Metalab

July 09 2018

Libreboot and Replicant Workshop
by Technoethical

Tue., 10.7.2018, 19:00 at the Metalab

July 08 2018

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Hope nobody discovers Metalabs classified white board contents.
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June 29 2018

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"…denn Club-Mate bringt verbrauchte Energie sofort zurück"

June 28 2018

--MetaRipper on Twitter

After the first Metalab participating excursion in 2013 (with early drone footage) another visit on short notice. Opportunity due to cancelation. Online reservation for the next 3+ months is usually sold out within 45 minutes.

Metaday #85 , Fr 29.6.2018, 19:30 (Beginn 20:00)

Hauptvortrag & Diskussion, Kurzvorträge, Afterparty. Eintritt frei.

June 27 2018

Roland Auberger, Daniel Schatzmayr: Roboterkomponenten als Ersatz von Körperfunktionen: Herausforderungen des Alltags

Metaday #85 , Fr 29.6.2018, 19:30 (Beginn 20:00)

Hauptvortrag & Diskussion, Kurzvorträge, Afterparty. Eintritt frei.
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--MetaRipper on Twitter
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June 22 2018

http://www.metastage.at – Open Stage Party

Fr 22.06.2018, 20:00 #anderswo

MetaStage Auswärtsspiel im coolen
Zwischennutzungsprojekt Bujatti-Villa in Hütteldorf
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June 21 2018

--Th3PeKo on Twitter
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