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August 26 2019

--vautee on Mastodon
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August 23 2019

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bext?! - brexiting? next?

--lydschi on Twitter
| congrats!
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August 22 2019

--lydschi on Twitter
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August 14 2019

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July 31 2019

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July 25 2019

--Sternenkueche on Twitter


Auch das benachbarte Institut für Reaktorforschung hat keine Einwände mehr.
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July 18 2019

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For all you retro-nerds, there is a real DeLorian right next to Metalab. --Doc Uberhaxlor
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July 14 2019

Recently acquired:

New Prusa powder coated heatbed on https://metalab.at/wiki/Prusa_i3_Mk2 works like a charm!

Treat it well:
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July 13 2019

--ProgramVulca on Twitter

Sure, just drop by and ask for a little space tour.
Evening is the best time for this.
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